Glastonbury Hartwell Soccer Club

Travel Coaches/Managers:

Team Connect is available to mangers and coaches only for roster information and emergency contact info of your players. Team Connect is not ready for Travel player/family access yet.

Please direct your families/players to our original site ( for schedules and rosters. Utilize the Sports Signup Play (SSU Play) app for schedules and communication with your team.

Click the link to access Team Connect: Team Connect - Your Team Page

More questions and answers about Team Connect can be found here: TEAM CONNECT Questions

You'll arrive at the Team Connect website. If you have the invite code, click on "Got An Invite?", but if you've already entered your invite code once, you can click on the "Sign In" link in the top right corner.

Use your Hartwell username and password to sign in.

Which should bring you to your team home page. Check out your team feed, your schedule, rosters, and more. Don't forget to download the app to your phone for quick access on the go.